The Concept

The Concept

There should be 3 sections in this page:

Section A: Design Brief

A description of the Concept of House your team intends to build.
The brief should include the thinking behind the design, taking into account how the family 
of 4 would use the various features/ facilities in the house. 

Remember that the design should come with, minimally, the following
  • 2 bedrooms 
  • 1 bathroom
  • 1 kitchen 
  • 1 communal space (living / dining room) in your prototype. 
You may include photos/ images or hand-drawn sketches that your group has
drawn inspiration from.

Section B: The Sketch-Up

Insert the diagrams that you draw with Sketch-up here.
It should include views of the design from several angles.
Alternatively, you may also convert the Sketch-up file into a video clip and embed it 
in this section.

Section C (Optional)

If you choose to submit a scale replica of your actual prototype using LEGO, take pictures 
from various angles of the model and insert them here before submission

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